How to register - eMobile

1. Go to or your sponsor's unique user link

2. Please log out of all eMobile profiles before attempting to register 

3. Please ensure that your card is activated for online purchases and 3D secure before proceeding to register.

4. All packages are displayed on the home page

5. Scroll down

6. Select the package you wish to sign up for

7. Click on purchase

8. Click on buy now and click on register

9. Complete the sign up form

“who introduced you” should display the name, surname and the unique user ID of the person who introduced you to eMobile. If no one introduced you, leave the box as it is pre filled with user ID 2

10. Click on register

11. Complete your billing information

12. Complete your card detail as it displays on the front of your bank card

13. Enter the CVV number or security code number indicated by 3 digits at the back of your bank card

14. Review your order details and ensure that the amount in your cart is correct.

15. If the cart detail is correct click on place order 

16. If you need to edit the cart details click on edit

Here you can delete products or update quantities

Please ensure that there is only 1 registration product per registration at a time

17. Click on update cart

18. Click on secure checkout

19. Click on place order now

20. A one time pin will be sent to your phone

21. Insert the OTP and click submit

21. You will be redirected to an order confirmed page

22. You are now successfully registered.

23. Look out for your welcome email with the link to download the app and the app configuration video

24. If you experience any difficulty in completing the online transaction please contact your banker and ensure that your online transacting limit is increased and that your card is activated for online purchases and 3D secure enabled in order to receive your one time pin authorization.