E-Learning digital skills curriculum

The e-Learner basket of software covers classroom themes and topics as well as valuable 21st century digital skills, thus ensuring the students (and adults) become contributing members of our digital world.
The total value of the software packages is R850.00 per month and covers content for students from 4-104 years!
e-Learner Pre School (80 lessons):
A set interactive classroom themed lessons aimed at grade 000, 00, R and grade 1. Besides perceptual and cognitive skills, these activities encourage hand-eye coordination, language skills and verbal skills.
e-Learner Primary School (700+ lessons)
CAPS aligned lessons in various local languages aimed at consolidating classroom themes and topics at the same time as covering valuable 21st century life skills.
e-Learner+ High School (200+ lessons)
High school subject based as well as life-skill based with an emphasis on acquiring digital skills and life skills
K53 Content (15 lessons)
Some of the K53 content to help students cover the K53  theory as well as acquire digital skills.
e-Learner Community 4 Adults (40 lessons)
Life skill content (wills, job interview skills, banking etc) as well as important digital skills to ensure the adults contribute in our digital world
e-Learner 4 Educators (40 lessons)
Aimed at teachers and covers topics like creating class lists, letters to parents and worksheets etc, whilst incorporating 21stcentury life skills
Minecraft (200 lessons)
Exciting Minecraft activities covering classroom themes and topics with an educational outcome. Works on all versions of Minecraft.