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Emobile International Virtual Wallet

Access your emobile wallet, use your commissions or credits for purchases anywhere, anytime.

Step-by-step Emobile wallet guide:

Welcome to the Emobile International Wallet Platform
Once you have clicked on the "Register Here" button, your browser will open the Emobile wallet registration page
  • Install – click on this button to install the Emobile App onto your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Register – you must first register.
    Only register once.
    You will need to choose your own secret phrase and a 5-digit pin number that you will remember.
  • Login – After you have registered you will just login using your own secret phrase and pin number.
  • Email address and Mobile number you can update and change at any time.
  • Unique secret phrase – this can be one word or more than one word.
  • Tip: Use small letters and don’t use spaces.
  • Submit – enjoy our access to an International financial platform
Let us start to enjoy this financial freedom. It is advisable to know the buttons and understand how they work:
  • Click on the Dashboard menu: Profile button - give you access to update your personal information like change in mobile number or email address.
  • Click on Profile button and go to security
  • Under security button you will need to enter your pin again.
    You can change your secret phrase here and your pin.
    Very Important – Download your recovery key file to your device. You will need
    to do this to recover and reset your secret phrase or pin if you have forgot them.
  • Setup – this is to add another account or to see your blockchain private keys
  • The first time go to Profile and to Get Verified.
  • Verified means to do a KYC.
    This is a clear picture of your ID or Passport. (you can use any international Identification ID)
    You also need to take a selfie picture while holding you ID or
    Passport on your chin. This must be a clear picture.
    Now you are good to do any type of transaction
  • You can change your security code .
    On the same Profile Security screen is where you need to download
    the recovery file to your phone to recover it if you forgot it later.
    If you don’t download the recovery key and you need to reset login
    details, you will need to send a request to support@netfluid.ltd
  • You can view and update your contact details from this menu.
In your Emobile wallet app, scroll down to the ZAR Money Wallet:
  • The Money Wallet give you access to a:
    ZAR Wallet – South Africa wallet.
    BWP Wallet – Botswana wallet.
    USD Dollar – this is a USDC Stable coin USD Wallet.
    Each wallet has his own account number ex 117… ZAR wallet
  • Click on the … Menu button on the ZAR 117… wallet.
    Add button is to add funds to wallet – load funds through various ways, see underneath.
  • Send button is to send money to any other member on the Emobile wallet system anywhere in the world.
  • Withdraw is to withdraw money to any bank account in SA.
You can fund your chosen wallet with:
1. A Netfluid Voucher that was sent to you.
2. You can receive funds via account address. Here you can
request payment from other members.
3. Click on the Netfluid South Africa link to get access to all
the payment / funding options which include:
• QR Payment methods.
• Retail store payment.
• Card payments using any Master or VISA card.
• Instant EFT.
• Cash deposits.
• Voucher deposits.
Funding options:
Your refence number is unique to you and you need to make sure this is always correct.
QR Code payments, pay@ payments, in store payments and voucher payments is instantly.
EFT payments to FNB talk 24-hours to reflect in wallet. DO NOT do and instant payment as it will still take 24-
hours to reflect.
Cash at FNB ATM is allocated every-hour on the hour.
Each payment method has its own merchant costs.
  • If you want to make withdrawals and you did not do a Verify in
    the beginning will you be required to do the KYC now.
  • World Wide – you need to convert ZAR to USD, EURO etx to be able to make payments to any bank account in the world.
  • South Africa – you pay out to any Bank Account in SA.
  • You can cash out money at various ATM’s in SA as a cardless withdrawal.
  • You can cash out to various mobile provider platforms.
  • You can cash out to any Checkers Money market.
  • You can send money to Zimbabwe and cash out vouchers at any
    Net-one dealer/kiosk.
  • Cardless withdrawals at any of the points:
    -Mobile provider platforms.
    -Bank ATM’s as cardless withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals to Shoprite / Checkers Money Market kiosks.
    Withdrawal Vouchers to Zimbabwe
  • ATM Cashless withdrawals:
    You need the recipient SA Mobile number and need to
    change the 0 to 27.
  • Net-One: Please note the recipient must have a Net-One wallet account in Zimbabwe
Other Blockchain wallets:
All the Blockchain wallets work the same as discussed in the ZAR Wallet section.
Only extra function is the Swap option.
  • Swap gives the ability to swap between FIAT and other
    Blockchain currencies
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